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Vinyl Manufacturer Mastering/Audio Delivery Guidelines

Please find links to various vinyl manufacturing plants / brokers and their guidelines and advice for (pre)mastering digital audio for delivery to them.

GZ Media (full detailed mastering specs) –

Breed Media (small FAQ) –
Deepgrooves (general FAQ including audio delivery) –

Record Industry (audio specific FAQ) –

Press On (scroll down for mastering section)-
TAKT (click on “Your Source Audio) –

Mobeniko (very detailed with links) –

RPM Records (full audio FAQ) –

Hand Drawn Pressing (general FAQ with audio included –

United Record Pressing (full audio FAQ) –
Digiclone (sparse but phone call advised) –

Grama (scroll down for Mastering section of FAQ) –

Gotta Groove (advise and contact point) –

Third Man (FAQ with some confusing mention of RIAA..) –

Furnace Record Pressing (fairly detailed page on website) –

Vinyl De Paris (small FAQ) –

Gold Rush Vinyl (small FAQ) –

Vantiva (sparse information amongst website text) –

Holiday Records (detailed FAQ) –

Cascade Record Pressing (FAQ section) –

Palomino Records (small FAQ) –

Violet Records (small FAQ) –

Erika Records (small FAQ) –

RTI (article written by Mastering Engineer) –

Program Records (PDF sheet) –

Suitcase Records (PDF sheet) –

Zenith Records (full mastering guide) –

China Etech Co LTD (small FAQ) –

Purple Media UK (small FAQ) –

Angel Vinyl (PDF sheet) –

RPM Records (fairly detailed spec sheet/webpage) –

M Com’Musique (very sparse / only meta data) –

Vinyl Records Makers (very sparse FAQ) –

Celebrate Records (very sparse FAQ) –

Interpress Vinyl (sparse FAQ) –

MY 45 (PDF sheet) –

Pallas Group (very detailed PDF sheet) –

Rand Muzik (PDF sheet) –

PHR Pressing (FAQ) –

AFG (small FAQ) –

CDstar (FAQ) –

Phonopress (very small FAQ) –

Toyokasei (very small FAQ) –

Semikols (PDF sheet) –

Rey Vinilo (fairly detailed FAQ) –

Keuroneko (PDF sheet) –

Runrun Records (detailed FAQ) –

Krakatoa Record (very small FAQ) –

Sonic Wax (stem mastering??) –

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