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Joe Caithness Mastering is a purpose built stand alone mastering facility based in Nottingham, UK.

The room is equipped for hybrid audio processing with full acoustical design internally.

Audio can be processed fully analogue, digital or anything in between.

All equipment is hand picked and many pieces are designed to spec and custom built.


Monitoring by Focal

Digital to Analogue Conversion by MYTEK and RME 

Analogue to Digital Conversion by PRISM and RME

Analogue Compression by Roger Foote

Analogue Limiting by NTP 

Analogue Equalization by Mark Watson

Digital Compression by Elysia, Leapwing and more

Digital Limiting by DMG Audio, Tokyo Dawn Labs and more

Digital Equalization by DMG Audio, Tokyo Dawn Labs and more

Reel to Reel Playback : Tascam BR20 and Studer A810 (maintained to factory spec)

Reference and Transfer decks by Pro-Ject and Goldring Lenco

Playback cartridges by Ortofon and Shure

Phono Pre-amplification by HI-Q custom

Cassette playback by Tascam 

MP3 Encoding by Sonnox

Sample Rate Conversion by Voxengo

Digital Restoration by Izotope

Analogue Metering by Coleman

Metering by TC Electronic

DDP Creation and Meta Data handling by HOFA

Acoustic Treatment by GIK

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