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Joe Caithness Mastering is a purpose built stand alone mastering facility based in Nottingham, East Midlands, UK.

Although gear really isn’t everything it can be of interest and helps get a picture in your mind of the studio

Monitoring by Focal

Digital to Analogue Conversion by TC ELECTRONIC and RME 

Analogue to Digital Conversion by RME

Compression by DMG Audio, Izotope, Leapwing and more

Limiting by DMG Audio, Izotope, Tokyo Dawn Labs and more

Equalization by DMG Audio, Plugin Alliance, Tokyo Dawn Labs and more

Reel to Reel playback : Tascam BR20 (maintained to factory spec)

Cassette playback : Nakamichi CR2 and Tascam 112MK2

Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) playback : Phillips DCC 730 18 bit/16 bit

Disc format reference and transfer playback : Pro-Ject and Goldring Lenco GL-75 (modded)

Playback cartridges by Ortofon and Shure

Phono Pre-amplification by HI-Q custom

Sony PCM F1 playback on original original Sony PCM / SLF1 beta aka betamax package and U-Matic aka Umatic (Normal and SP)

Sony EV S PCM format (rare 8 bit 32kHz prosumer format!) on Sony EV S-600

Legacy DDP/Exabyte 8mm Data Tape playback by SADIE 2+3 (legacy Windows 98 system)

MP3 Encoding by Sonnox and HOFA (LAME)

Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) by Izotope

Audio Restoration by Izotope (RX7)

Metering by TC Electronic

DDP Creation and Meta Data handling by HOFA

Acoustic Treatment by GIK

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