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Pricing, Delivery and Terms

(clients before February 2022 your old rate still applies)

All prices in GBP (UK)


Mastering price is worked out according to the number of tracks and the format(s) you are releasing your project on.

For online digital format mastering only the per track price applies.

1 Track £50
2 Tracks £74
3 Tracks £98
4 Tracks £117
5 Tracks £141
Additional Tracks £22 per track

Instrumental/Edits £15 per track
Vinyl and/or Cassette Pre-master
(produced as 24-bit production masters per side of vinyl/cassette)
+20% track rate
High Res Digital
(24 bit and up to 96kHz sample rate)
+10% track rate (per format)
MP3 masters
(320kbps with embedded meta data)
+10% track rate

CD Mastering

DDP Filset + PQ sheet PDF (Disc Description Protocol)
(this is a virtual CD master used at pressing plants) 
CDr Master + Reference disc
(with Signed For shipping in UK)
£30 (additional CDrs £5)

Transfer / Restoration / Editing / Misc Services – £35 per hour

(please get in contact to discuss your project)

Vinyl Metadata Sheet (aka Label Copy) – £15 per release

Tape Baking – £15 per tape

(this is a process of heating up tapes to avoid shed and required for almost all tapes)


To make sure the audio reaches me optimised for mastering please consider the following before delivering audio:

  • All audio to be non data compressed. In other words, please provide WAV or AIFF not MP3 (unless all other audio is lost, then please email).
  • The audio export must not be clipping, and allow at least 3dBfs of headroom (space between clipping and the highest peak in your audio).
  • When exporting from a DAW (computer audio software package) export at 24 bit and at the samplerate at which the audio was recorded at.
  • Please remove any processes you have applied to the stereo output aka master bus for loudness. This includes “home mastering” plug-ins. Creative mix bus processing is absolutely fine but please communicate if this has been applied.
  • If the project involves fades/segues/layering please provide as much information for this as possible. A mockup MP3/WAV of the album as you consider sequenced is always useful.
  • When exporting, please leave a gap at the start and end of the audio to avoid glitches caused by latency correction in some software.
  • Leave adequate space at the end of your exported audio for any effect (reverb/delay) to complete their processing.

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If you have any further questions please get in touch.

Terms & Conditions

My terms and conditions are written so that both parties are treated fairly, and that an easy and safe service is provided to our clients.


Payment is requested on confirmation of proof audio, prior to release of production masters. Up front payment may be requested at the discretion of Joe Caithness Mastering.

Invoices must be paid no later than 30 days of a completed project.

On request a Purchase Order can be created for your accounts.

Any quotation discussed via email is binding.

Pricing is subject to change between confirmed jobs, but previous clients enjoy their original rate as standard.

No refunds will be issued for masters, unless the quoted service was incorrectly performed.

Remastering and revisions

In the scenario in which you are not 100% happy with the results of the service provided by us, remastering will be performed by us until you are.

New versions of audio provided by you due to changes to the premasters after the original audio has been processed may be remastered, but any costs incurred are at our discretion.

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